Outpatient Physical Therapy In Your Home for Medicare Part B Insurances



Why Outpatient Therapy in the Home?

Outpatient Physical Therapy is often recommended by your physician after acute injuries or changes in your functional abilities.   You may have been recently discharged from an acute or sub-acute rehab setting or just completed your home care services but still require ongoing Physical Therapy to make sure you return back to your prior level of function. 

With any physical therapy, a skilled Physical Therapist puts together a plan of care that requires the recommended therapy services needed, including the required frequency of services recommended.  A treatment plan focuses on one’s needs and goals to return to independent function in a patient’s home environment and the community.

How do we meet both the needs of frequency of therapy and meeting your needs within your home?  Maletta Pfeiffer and Associates comes to you!

What will we Provide?

Our Physical Therapists will complete a comprehensive initial evaluation focusing on your functional limitations and physical needs.  A comprehensive treatment plan is customized to meet your specific needs.  This treatment plan may address your weakness, pain, range of motion, balance, impaired mobility throughout your house including stairs inside and outside of your home, difficulty in bathroom and kitchen settings, home safety and so much more.  Whether your needs are following a recent fall, joint replacement, ligament injuries or pain, we provide the services you need in the comfortable environment of  your home.

Who to trust?

Our outpatient centers have been serving the Litchfield community for over 30 years.  We are committed to delivering a high standard of care.  Providing services directly in your home is just one more way Maletta Pfeiffer and Associates gives back to the residents in our community.

How to get Started?

Call Us!  We will walk you through the process of admission to setting up your first appointment. 

Do you need a doctor’s order? No.  Once we perform an initial evaluation, we will contact your physician to discuss our recommended treatment plan.

Will my insurance cover my therapy? Therapy within the home is covered under your Medicare Part B insurance only.  You may need to contact your Medicare provider to see if you have this coverage.

When will I have my first visit? Your first therapy visit will be set up by our staff in accordance with your schedule and availability.  All appointments will be confirmed 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Who will be coming to my house? You will be assigned one of Maletta Pfeiffer’s skilled therapists who will work on a customized plan of care that is right for you.

What next? Answer the door!  We can’t wait to meet you.




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