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Therapist Rob Ross still has the look of an Athlete

By Owen Canfield, Register Citizen

Physical therapist Rob Ross, at 60, looks like he could still step in and guard the goal for Ray Reid’s UConn men’s soccer team, as he did in the 1970s for the late Joe Marrone’s teams. Ross’s business card notes that he is the certified chief therapist at Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates at 245 Alvord Park Road in Torrington. He’s the senior guy there, having been at this PT game for 29 years. “I’m a clinical guy,’’ he said, “And I love treating patients.’’ Those patients are glad he loves his work because Ross and the staff at Pfeiffer’s seem always to be busy. All of them appear to have just the right touch and proper approach. They put patients at ease as they put them through therapy. The business is owned by Rich Boulli and Dan Albanese, the two managing partners, both outstanding physical therapists. Ross and his brother Larry once owned the business, which was called Torrington Physical Therapy Center, for 16 years. 

Ross grew up in Norwalk and attended Brien McMahon High School. McMahon was a fierce soccer rival of Staples High in Westport. Ross has entertaining tales to tell about the rivalry. “I was 16 when I started soccer. I liked the game but I didn’t like to run, so I became a goalie,’’ he said. “I attended a week-long soccer camp in Mount Ascutney, Vermont. It was very well run and a lot of fun and I learned a lot about goaltending from a coach named Jim Dyer.’” He spoke of playing for a team at Norwalk’s Calfpaspur Beach, which he called a “hotbed of soccer” before he before he became a student-athlete at UConn. “UConn costs a thousand dollars a year at that time, plus room and board,” he said. Marrone’s soccer teams were blossoming into national contenders. (They would win the national championship in 1981). “Joe was terrific and a great influence on me,” Ross said. “He didn’t recruit international players at that time. He wanted to build from within the U.S. "At that time frosh played a freshman schedule but in the spring we were given the chance to try out for the varsity, so I made the team as a sophomore. Eventually, I became the starter in goal. Something happened in 1977, his senior year at UConn, that had a strong bearing on his future working life. He sustained a fracture in his neck. “I had extensive rehab and that planted the (physical therapy) seed in my head,” he said. Obviously, he followed through on it. But ’77 was a very tough year for Ross on the soccer field because he had to sit on the bench with his injured neck and watch. “I was captain, too,’’ he remembered. “The team went 9-11-1, the only losing season Joe Marrone ever had.” Rob and Lori Ross have two children. Myles is a music teacher at Worthington Hooker Middle School in New Haven. Hailey is a student at UConn – loves it there – and plays on a club water polo team.

Rob says working in the town in which he lives suits him perfectly. “Some people don’t like that,” he said. “But I enjoy it. It’s fun to bump into a patient or former patient, say, in a store, and say, ‘How’s the knee?’ or something. And now it’s gotten to the place where I’m treating the children of some people I worked on many years ago. It’s very rewarding.”


Maletta Pfeiffer and Associates Torrington Physical Therapy is proud to announce that physical therapist Elise Levesque recently earned MDT Certification from The McKenzie Institute® USA Center for Postgraduate Study in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT).

Physical therapists must complete a series of advanced postgraduate courses to become certified practitioners of the McKenzie Method® of MDT, an evidence-based patient management system proven to eliminate back, neck and extremity pain in fewer visits compared to traditional treatment.

The key distinction is its initial assessment component — a safe and reliable means to accurately reach a diagnosis that will guide an appropriate treatment plan. Rarely are expensive tests required, as Certified MDT clinicians have a valid indicator to know right away whether — and how — the direction-specific exercise treatment will work for each patient.

Find out more information here:




Daniel Albanese, PT, owner and managing partner of Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates, LLC of Torrington, announced that his physical therapy practice has taken on ownership of the former Physical Therapy Center at 245 Alvord Park Road in Torrington. With this merger, Albanese named one of The Center’s physical therapists, Richard Boulli, as managing partner of the 245 Alvord Park Road office. Boulli, who has worked with The Center for 15 years, stated, “I’m very pleased to be working closely with Dan Albanese to assist in the overall management and operations of the newly-formed Maletta Pfeiffer offices. This is a very beneficial merger for all our staff members and our patients.” Combined, the two medical offices offer over 200 years of professional experience to their patients.

Albanese added, “This is the merger of two highly-visible, strong and accomplished physical therapy practices in the Torrington arena. Both practices ideally complement each other in philosophies, techniques, certifications, and most importantly, in the mutual ambition to provide the highest level of service and care to our patients.” The Physical Therapy Center was previously owned since 1997 by physical therapist Larry Ross.

In addition to providing physical therapy services, Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates offers wellness consultations, massage therapy, custom weight management, nutritional counseling and supplemental products. Since 2012, the practice also offers the advanced P90X exercise program. “The complementing driving force of the two practices prior to, and the reason for the merger,” Albanese explained, “is to consistently provide all our patients with the highest quality healthcare. Both practices have consistently accomplished this by continually expanding our physical therapists’ knowledge through ongoing education and certification on the latest physical therapy techniques, equipment, and nutritional products. The recognizable goal of both of the practices, before and as one merged practice, is to provide every patient with effective, highly-attentive care that will help each of them return to functional activities in their individual lives.”

Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates LLC’s offices at 245 Alvord Park Road and 30 Peck Road provide a wide variety of therapeutic techniques for neck and back pain; chronic and migraine headaches; neurological disorders including MS, stroke, balance and gait; vertigo; sports and work injuries, carpal tunnel, arthritic pain, orthopedic problems and much more. “All our treatment plans,” explained Albanese, “are individualized and can include such treatments as ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat/ice, aquatic therapy, traction, and such hands-on techniques as massage, mobilizations, stretching, myofascial release and personalized nutrition and exercise.”

Named among the “40 Under 40” professionals recognized by Connecticut magazine in 2011 as a ‘business and community leader’, Albanese graduated with his BS in Physical Therapy from UCONN in 1997. In 2007, he purchased the privately-owned Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates healthcare practice in Torrington. He had been working as a physical therapist with the practice’s previous owner Ms. Maletta Pfeiffer who began the practice in 1978. “After taking on ownership,” stated Albanese, “we expanded the practice into a second office at 333 Kennedy Drive in Torrington, which we closed with the purchase of the Physical Therapy Center. The ambition of the merger is to offer within one practice a consolidated, well-trained and educated staff of physical therapists who collectively offer an award-winning high level of services. The recent acquisition of The Physical Therapy Center is a significant step in achieving that ambition. We have effectively merged the talents and capabilities of 11 highly-qualified physical therapists and assistants, and two teams of professional support staff, into one of the most advanced and dedicated health provider groups in this region.”

When Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates closed their 333 Kennedy Drive office in June and merged their team of physical therapists with the team at The Physical Therapy Center’s offices at 245 Alvord Park Road in Torrington, no jobs were lost. “The Alvord Park Road office,” Albanese said, “is over 4,500 square feet, so it easily accommodates our staff that moved there from our previous Kennedy Drive location. The only thing that changed was the name of the practice. Our patients never experienced any deviations to the services we provide during the transition of ownership and management.”

Widely-recognized and highly-appreciated as generous contributors to the Greater Torrington community, Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates, LLC is a well-known supporter of numerous community activities. Albanese is current treasurer of the Litchfield County Business Professionals ( which meets regularly in Torrington. The practice is a premier sponsor of the Warner Theatre, and title sponsor for the Torrington Little League and Torrington Titans. “Our ambition is continually to give back to our generous community.” In 2013, Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates once again helped sponsor The Tour of Litchfield Hills. The annual fundraiser helps support the needs of cancer patients living in Northwest Connecticut as all proceeds go to The Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills, Inc.

To learn more about the services provided at the two Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates offices, visit The 30 Peck Road offices can be reached at 860-489-0867, and the 245 Alvord Park Road offices can be contacted at 860-496-9851. Both offices can be contacted via email to, and can be found at                                                          


West Hartford’s Daniel Albanese named to “40 Under 40” list

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WEST HARTFORD – West Hartford resident and Physical Therapist Daniel Albanese, owner of Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates LLC-Torrington Physical Therapy and Torrington Wellness in Torrington, was named in the March 2011 issue of “Connecticut” magazine as a “40 Under 40” young professional recognized as a business and community leader. Daniel Albanese, his wife and two sons have been residents of West Hartford for eight years, and he is a 1997 UCONN graduate having received his BS in Physical Therapy.

“Connecticut” magazine publisher, Charles Monagan, and editors, Valerie Schroth and Dale Salm, stated in their “Generation Next” article, “In this debuting ‘40 Under 40’ feature, we are happy to show off our first class of young leaders. Nominations were sought from co-workers, neighbors, business associates and even family members. Our editors also plucked some likely candidates from the Connecticut scene.”

The article stated that, “Daniel Albanese is now in his 10th year of providing physical therapy in his hometown of Torrington.” The article explained that the physical therapy arm of the business provides everything from physical therapy, massage therapy to custom foot orthotics and Wii rehab training. Torrington Wellness also provides weight-management classes and nutritional supplements to consumers plus custom wellness solutions to doctors and health professionals. Albanese explained in the article that Torrington Wellness provides custom wellness solutions to health professionals “so they can earn an ancillary income to battle the decreased reimbursements from insurance carriers and other challenges they face to stay in business.”

Albanese commented, “This is certainly a significant recognition for me, but I could not have achieved this without our tremendously supportive staff. Our organization is very much a team intention. There are six physical therapists in addition to myself, two massage therapists, plus a stellar support staff. It is my sincere pleasure to share this recognition with all of our staff members. Throughout every year, we are striving to continually improve our knowledge and skills by attending several annual educational courses and seminars to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies and skills to incorporate into our practice. We pride ourselves on individualized one-on-one treatment, private treatment rooms, and our highly-trained licensed therapists.”

Daniel Albanese took over ownership of the privately-owned Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates office in 2007 having worked as a physical therapist with Ms. Maletta Pfeiffer prior to the purchase of the business. Ms. Pfeiffer began the practice 32 years ago in 1978. “Since taking on ownership,” he explained, “we have expanded the single office at 30 Peck Road to a second office at 333 Kennedy Drive in Torrington. Both offices provide the same high level of professional services. We have also added a complete wellness solution to better serve our patients and the community with massage therapy and weight management classes.”

Collectively, the therapeutic staff of Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates provides over 100 years of combined clinical physical therapy experience. “Our treatments emphasize the whole individual by utilizing a wide variety of therapeutic techniques,” commented Albanese. “Plus, through a statewide referral source, we maintain open communication with physicians for our patients’ optimum care. We treat neck and back pain, chronic and migraine headaches, neurological disorders (including MS, stroke, balance, gait, etc.), vertigo, work injuries, carpal tunnel, arthritic pain, sports injuries, orthopedic problems, and much more. All our plans of care are highly-personalized and can include such treatments as ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat/ice, whirlpool, traction, iontophoresis and hands-on techniques including massage, mobilizations, stretching, myofascial release and personalized exercise programs.”


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