Before your Massage:

⬜  Arrive a few minutes early to allow yourself to be relaxed when the sessions begins.

⬜  Remove all eyeglasses, jewelry, watches and chewing gum.

⬜  Eat lightly or wait until after the session

⬜  Drink water to hydrate and avoid alcohol or caffeine

During your Massage:

⬜  Let your body become heavy and sink into the table - don't "help" your therapist

⬜  Relax your mind and focus on your breathing

⬜  Let the therapist know if you are uncomfortable to ensure the best session; is the music too loud? Are you too cold? Do you need more or less pressure?

After the Massage:

⬜  Immediately following and for several hours after the session, drink plenty of water. Massage releases toxins from the tissue in the body. The water will help flush out these wastes and will in turn increase the relaxation of the muscles and joints and reduce any day-after soreness.

  The results of massage vary from person to person and may be felt days or weeks after the session. Loosened muscles and reducing soreness can be increased by stretching, range of motion, heat or ice, as directed by your massage therapist.

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Benefits of Massage

When massage is used as part of a health maintenance plan, there are many ways it can help the body, including:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relieve muscle pain or tension
  • Increase flexibility and posture
  • Prevent injuries or stress to muscles
  • Improves immune system functioning

Rates and Hours
(Effective 10-12-2020)

30 min - $45
60 min - $85
90 min - $110
Hot Stone Massage
90 min - $130

30 min - $55
(can be also added to any massage)

Chair Massage
30 min - $30

**Deep Tissue Massages are an additional $10**


Massage Packages
Purchase 6 sessions in advance & receive 1 session FREE



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