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Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates Mission Statement

Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates is driven to provide the highest quality in the healthcare service. Our facility is constantly expanding its educational knowledge in order to better treat our patients. We provide educational seminars to increase public awareness in health and fitness, as well as disease prevention. We have led the field in first-class Physical Therapy care in Litchfield County and the surrounding areas for 40 years and will strive to maintain that standard. We understand that patient satisfaction and a return to their functional activities are the major goals.

We treat a vast array of diagnosis:

  1. Neck and back pain
  2. Chronic and migraine headaches
  3. TMJ dysfunction
  4. Neurological disorders (stroke, MS, balance and/or unsteady gait, etc.)
  5. Work injuries
  6. Carpal tunnel
  7. Arthritic pains
  8. Sports injuries
  9. Orthopedic problems and more

 An extensive evaluation is performed by one of our experienced and highly trained Physical Therapists. An efficient and effective treatment plan is then developed, which is specifically tailored to meet each patient's individual needs and goals.

Why Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates?

  • Our treatments emphasize the whole individual, utilizing a wide variety of therapeutic techniques.

  • Ease of scheduling, billing, and on-time visits.
  • Statewide referral source and open communication with physicians for optimum patient care.



30 Peck Road Building 1, Suite 1101, Torrington, CT   

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 245 Alvord Park Road, Torrington, CT   

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