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                 Education for Healthy Lives

"Maletta Pfeiffer & Associates is driven to provide the highest quality healthcare service.  We
also provide educational seminars to increase public awareness in health, fitness, as well as
disease prevention.  Our mission is to provide our patients with the best possible care and
education to maintain healthy lives."                                           Learn More about us

   Physical Therapy  Weight Management
   Massage Therapy  Nutrition
   Orthotics  Health and Wellness
We are now offering
 Telehealth Physical Therapy   as we strive to help you feel like you again, not just in our office, but now also from the comfort of your home!    

Weight Management Classes &                        Nutritional Information
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30 Peck Road
Building 1, Suite 1101
Torrington, Connecticut 06790
Tel:  (860) 489.0867
Fax: (860) 489.4473
Email: info@torringtonpt.com
245 Alvord Park Road
Torrington, Connecticut 06790
Tel:  (860) 496.9851
Fax: (860) 496.0222
Fax: (860) 482.4047
Email: info@torringtonpt.com

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30 Peck Road Building 1, Suite 1101, Torrington, CT   

Tel: (860) 489.0867   Fax: (860) 489.4473       


 245 Alvord Park Road, Torrington, CT   

Tel: (860) 496.9851   Fax: (860) 496.0222